Who are we?

Here at “IVCAS” we are proud to be the first awarding body solely for online vocational courses.

We understand that, now more than ever, the demand for e-learning is at an all time high- with more and more companies offering courses in hundreds of vocational subjects, expertise, and niches.

The Foundations

“IVCAS” was set up by recruitment, and course owners- who came together after noticing the sheer volume of courses that were: 1) either letting participants down with poor course descriptions and guidelines; 2) providing inadequate quality content; 3) providing unsatisfactory customer service; 4) using meaningless qualifications that hold no significant value.

We have a passion for education

We are very passionate in our approach to changing this current situation and that is why we have created “IVCAS”- to protect, and promote good quality courses that offer value for money to the learner.


Anywhere you see the “IVCAS” symbol you can trust that the course is of the highest quality.


Each course receives a rigorous inspection by one of our course assessors. We check: